BioPolymer´s top priority is the study of hyaluronic acid. The goal of our constant research is to control the setting, the mode of action and the injection behavior of our products in order to enable the best possible treatment for the patients. This results in unique technologies and high-quality products.

By modifying the basic chemistry of the hyaluonic acid raw material, new innovative products and are formulated that support BioPolymer´s worldwide unique standing.

We work closely with our partners, doctors and patients, and take feedback directly into product development. Their needs are our starting point for any further development. Optimizing the mechanisms of action and injection behavior as well as the purity of the materials used are central challenges that we face every day.

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural component of the human body and has been used for medical purposes for over 50 years now. It is biocompatible, non-toxic, non-immunogenic and has an excellent safety profile. Because to these unique characteristics, HA can be used in many different medical areas.

BioPolymer only uses highest purity hyaluronic acid from non-animal origin, which is created through biofermentation. This production process ensures that no foreign protein reactions can occur (which can occur from HA which comes from animal sources).

After production of the products each batch of BioPolymer products is tested and thereby verified endotoxin free.

Advanced Thixotropic Technology

In its natural form HA is easily degraded in the human body through enzymes and free radials. The only long-lasting protection against these effects is a modification of the hyaluronic acid though cross linking. BioPolymer has developed therefore a special crosslinking technology which ensures long-lasting effects and similar biocompatibility like non-modified HA. This special propriety manufacturing process of BioPolymer is called “Advanced Thixotrophic Technology (ATT)” and allows the creation of matrix structures of the HA Gel. Free radicals and the enzyme hyaluronidase are less easy to enter. This results in greater stability and thus durability of the end product.

Additionally to this the Advanced Thixotrophic Technology (ATT) of BioPolymer enables the HA to become less viscous under pressure and going back to the original viscosity once the pressure is gone. This results in an worldwide unique product, which becomes more liquid by injection force and therefore being very easy to inject through needles. But remaining all the initial characteristics which are associated with regular crosslinking of HA. The result is a smooth hyaluronic acid gel with covalent bonds, which is ultra stable AND easy to use.

CRM – one technology, many advantages

The basis of the entire BioPolymer product range is the CRM® technology in which a special and unique crosslinking of non-animal sourced hyaluronic acids is established (CRM® = Covalent Reticulated Matrix). The result is a hyaluronic acid gel preparation which has a range of advantages. Thanks to this innovative creation, it is possible to gain a substance which is of supreme purity and with which immune reactions can be almost completely excluded. This reasults in superior safety levels are superior

Further advantages of the CRM® technology include the balancing of the technological aspiration for optimum injection characteristics on the one hand, and achieving a longer retention period on the other. The biological compatibility (biocompatibility) of the product has been proved in independent laboratories for the testing of medical products. With the CRM® technology, BioPolymer is able to demonstrate a procedure which is currently unique in terms of the combination of its advantages. This applies to the high degree of purity but also to the special crosslinking of the hyaluronic acid.