In our opinion entrepreneurial success is to help people with our products. Key focus of our work is improving people´s quality of life. The goal of our constant research is to optimize the composition, the mode of action and the injection behavior of our products in order to enable the best possible treatment for the patient. We work hard to ensure continuous improvement and maintain the leader’s position.

“We make time for innovations”

Those who develop innovative solutions have to make enough time for such developments. It is only in this way that our own quality aspirations and our long term success can be secured to the benefit of our company, our employees, our customers and their patients. This means that our company’s technological leadership doesn’t make us rest on our laurels, but forms the starting point for brand new efforts.

“We work with and for people”

BioPolymer works with and for people. For this reason, we take the responsibility we have for our products very seriously. The optimisation of modes of action and injection characteristics, as well as the purity of the materials that we use all represent challenges which we set ourselves on a daily basis.

“We value open communication”

Sound and long term cooperations with our customers form the cornerstone of our commercial success. We also attach importance to ensuring an open and honest communications culture. And we also view constructive criticism as an opportunity for our further development. This applies not only to our dealings with our partners, but also within the company.

Environmental protection secures quality of life

With its entrepreneurial activities, BioPolymer works hard to improve the quality of life of people. An important factor in guaranteeing a high quality of life is an intact environment. For this reason, BioPolymer is committed to compliance with all of the current environmental regulations and also works hard to continually develop operational environmental protection in the areas of production and development.

BioPolymer evaluates the environmental effects of its actions as early as possible and prevents damage to the environment as far as possible. This also includes clarity of regulations in the areas of the disposal of waste and in the production loop. The entire value added chain is also focused on with the environmental protection measures, from the retrieval of the raw materials, to production to packaging and through to logistics. Our concentration on the production location of Germany isn’t just an expression of our own aspiration to quality, but also of the ecological consciousness of our company.

Experience and know-how

Our experience, our specialist medical knowledge, our practical orientation and our technical know-how are all key parts of the BioPolymer success concept. These competitive advantages primarily manifest themselves in our employees who contribute to the development of new products and manufacturing procedures with their skills and knowledge.

Strong International Partnerships

At BioPolymer we value long-lasting commercial relationships to successfully distribute our products worldwide. Our established network of international partners share our values and complement our strengths. We are always open to expand our network with new alliances and distributor and welcome you to connect with us.